Warehouse Opening and Operation Permit Certificate

TFS Fuel received the Warehouse Opening and Operation Permit required to supply and store fuel directly from abroad. With this permit that our Foreign Trade and Supply Planning Specialist Ayşe Kurtuluş received from Istanbul Airport Concourse Customs Manager Mr. Gökhan Aktaş on behalf of TFS, TFS’s competence in the energy market was registered. With this document, TFS will be able to supply fuel to all airlines it serves, especially THY, under conditions that are less affected by the turmoil in the energy markets. With this permanent permit, which will increase TFS’s access to alternative channels in terms of product supply and stock, fuel supply security at Istanbul Airport will be increased to the maximum extent. We would like to thank the TFS administrative staff who contributed to the receipt of the certificate and the customs department employees for their care and attention in the process.

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