TFS Port is placed north of Istanbul Airport and  can host ships with capacity up to 125,000 DWT (Deadweight metric tons). Fuel discharge is carried out on the 2 pipelines with diameter of 30″ and approximate length of 12 km and passes through the port pump station (booster station) with a capacity of 7500 m³/h which allows ships to discharge within 24 hours.

  • Dolfen type scaffolding
    • 125000 DWT capacity
    • 15 m draft
    • 1 x 16″ and 2 x 12″ filling/unloading arms
  • Control of the entire operation with SCADA Automation System.
  • Customs Meter Automation System
  • “Meteorological system” that provides instant monitoring of weather conditions
  • A “standby trailer organization” on standby at the port to ensure the continuity and safety of ship docking/disembarkation operations
  • “Fire Fighting System” made and certified according to NFPA standards